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Below is a list of resources provided by other NZ Guilds/organizations.


NZWG - NZ Writers Guild Puni Taatuhi o Aotearoa

Existing to support writers, through NZWG membership by enabling writers through minimum rates guide, model contracts, career advice, script registration, library and many other core services created by writers for writers.

The NZWG boasts over 400 members, ranging from students through to professional script writers.

DEGANZ - Directors & Editors Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand

We are dedicated to the creative, cultural and financial well-being of New Zealand directors, editors and assistant editors.

Formed in 1995, DEGANZ is the national and international representative for all members, including directors, editors and assistant editors working across screen and new media. 

ASPC - Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective

A voice for publicists, social media and audience engagement experts in the screen industry, ASPC undertakes networking, advocacy, representation and mentoring. We aim to uplift practitioners in our field and support the overall ecosystem of the screen industry. We are social and business, collaborating to ensure Aotearoa’s stories are seen by their audiences both at home and abroad. ASPC was established in 2021 as an incorporated society.

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